Dalecross Residents Association

Dalecross Residents Association

Welcome to the Dalecross Residents Association (DRA) website.

Dalecross and Hurlpark are small boomed-off residential suburbs in Sandton, Johannesburg which are accessed via either Marie Avenue, Parkmore (12hr access -6am-6pm) or Lillian Avenue, Parkmore (24hr access).   

The area consists of 63 houses and is situated on the doorstep of Montrose Pre-Primary School (Parkmore), Montrose Primary School (Parkmore), Crawford Pre-Primary School (Benmore), Crawford Preparatory School (Benmore), Crawford College (Benmore) and Varsity College (Benmore).

Our guarding services at the booms is provided by ADT Security (as 1 June 2012).  The DRA also encourages residents to use ADT Security as their armed response security provider. 

ADT - Always There

Currently about 57% of the households in the area contribute to the booms along with Montrose Primary, Montrose Pre-Primary, and Rosewalk Manor.  Rosewalk Gardens does not currently contribute.  See Contributions for more detailed information.

However since the costs of operating the booms is high and Dalecross and Hurlpark contain a small number of properties we really need 100% contribution from households and the flats but we are realistic so are targeting 85% contributions from households and seeking contrinutes from both sets of flats (Rosewalk Gardens and Rosewalk Mano) and both schools (Montrose Preprimary & Montrose Primary). 

If you are currently not contributing we strongly encourage you to join in with your neighbours and community in contributing towards the improved security of Dalecross and Hurlpark.